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How The Locke Law Group Is Helping During The COVID-19 Crisis

Since the COVID-19 crisis began The Locke Law Group has kept its doors open. While we are practicing social distancing and attempting to do everything that we can by phone or video conference we feel it is important to keep offering legal services during this crisis. Why? Because we believe that access to our court system is an important part of dealing with this crisis.

Keeping People out of Jail During COVID-19

So far, we have kept several people out of jail since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. While courts have cancelled their dockets, judges are still going to work. The San Antonio COVID-19 crisis is a great time to resolve Bexar County and San Antonio warrants. Judges are lowering bonds and removing restrictions placed on bonds. If you believe you are under investigation you do not want to be surprised by a warrant during these troubled times. If you have a loved one in custody give us a call. We can approach the court with a motion to reduce bond and attempt to get them out. These are troubled times, but we can help by reducing the population of the Bexar County Jail. The Bexar County Jail is notorious for its terrible conditions. The best way of avoiding the Bexar County Jail is to not go there in the first place. If you believe you have a warrant or believe you are under investigation, we can work with the judges to allow you to avoid the Bexar County Jail.

Working With Clients With Pending Cases

If you have a case pending in Bexar or a surrounding county but you believe that you could not afford to hire an attorney now is actually a great time to hire a lawyer. The cancelling of dockets will allow us to be more flexible with payment plans. This is also a great time for us to prepare for more complex cases as the lack of court dockets will allow us to review discovery and develop angles to help our clients win their cases.

Bexar County Family Law And San Antonio Divorce Issues During the COVID-19 Crisis

While most criminal District Courts have cancelled their dockets, the Bexar County District Clerk is still operating. This means that divorce petitions can still be filed and served on the opposing party. You do not have to spend your time in quarantine with a spouse you want to divorce. This could be a recipe for creating additional problems. If you believe that you are ready to get a divorce, or if you need your existing child custody modified or enforced, please give us a call. The Bexar County District Court is continuing to accept petitions and the Bexar County District Courts are continuing to hear matters that are deemed “essential” matters. If you are in a bad situation do not stay in that situation because of the corona virus. Give us a call. We can help.

These are troubled times. However, residents of Bexar County and San Antonio continue to have access to the judicial system. If you believe you are under investigation or if you have a warrant, The Locke Law Group is here to help. Give us a call at (210) 361-3113 today.