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Fighting a DWI charge in San Antonio isn’t as hard as you may think it is—so long as you have the right attorney by your side. Many people assume that if they were drinking, there’s nothing they can do to avoid a DWI conviction. Many other people incriminate themselves on the spot by answering all the police officer’s questions and submitting to the field sobriety tests.

What most people don’t realize is that every officer has one goal in mind during a DWI/DUI stop: find evidence to justify their decision to conduct an arrest and find more evidence to ultimately justify a conviction. Regardless of how friendly an officer seems to be, it is critical that you remember your right to remain silent and your right to obtain a criminal defense attorney

If you’ve already been charged with DWI, you still have many options at your disposal, and they all begin with the criminal defense attorneys at The Locke Law Group

Can a DWI Be Dismissed in Texas?

Yes, DWI charges can be dismissed in Texas. DWI cases are dismissed daily in courtrooms across the state. However, it is essential to note that getting a DWI dismissed takes work. It requires a strong defense and a skilled attorney who can challenge the evidence against you.

There are several reasons why a DWI might be dismissed. For example, the police may have lacked probable cause to make the traffic stop or arrest you. Or, they may have made mistakes in administering your field sobriety tests or taking your blood or breath sample. If the police violated your constitutional rights, they may suppress the evidence they obtained, and your case may be dismissed.

Even if the evidence against you is strong, you may still be able to get your DWI reduced to a lesser charge, such as reckless driving. This charge will result in lower penalties, including a shorter license suspension and a more minor fine.

If you face DWI charges in Texas, you must talk to an attorney immediately. A reasonable DWI lawyer in San Antonio, can help you understand your options and develop a strategy to defend your case.

Proven DWI Defense Tactics in San Antonio

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your charge, the following are just a few of the DWI defenses that may work for your criminal case:

  • The breath, blood, or urine test was conducted improperly or on a non-calibrated machine- It is well-known among DWI defense attorneys that the breath and blood or urine test results commonly used as evidence to convict people are frequently inaccurate; this is something the police and prosecutors don’t want you to know, but it’s one of the first areas of attack for an experienced attorney.
  • Evidence was obtained during an illegal search and seizure- If evidence used to support a DWI charge was obtained during the course of an illegal search and seizure in, an attorney can move to have that evidence dismissed prior to trial. If successful, the prosecutor’s case would be seriously weakened, and your case could be dismissed.
  • The officer had no probable cause for the traffic stop which led to the arrest for DWI- Police officers cannot stop people at random just because they feel like it; an officer must have reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop, which could be generated by speeding, failing to signal a lane change, running a stop sign, or failing to maintain your lane. In the absence of a traffic infraction, it would be difficult for an officer to justify the initial stop, and therefore difficult to move forward using anything that was discovered after that point.

What is the First Offense for a DWI in San Antonio?

In the Lone Star State, a first-offense DWI in San Antonio is considered a Class B misdemeanor, which means it's a severe crime with potential consequences that can linger long after the arrest. A Class B misdemeanor, which carries a range of possible penalties, including:

  • Jail time: Up to 180 days behind bars, though probation is often granted instead of jail time.
  • Fines: A hefty fine of up to $2,000, which can significantly impact your finances.
  • Driver's license suspension: A suspension of your driving privileges for 90 days to one year, potentially disrupting your daily commute and work routine.
  • DWI education and rehabilitation: Mandatory attendance at DWI education and rehabilitation programs to address the underlying issues that led to the offense.

These penalties may seem harsh, but they are a stern reminder of the severe consequences of driving under the influence. A DWI conviction can also have long-term repercussions, affecting your employment prospects, insurance rates, and even your ability to travel internationally.

If you face a first-time DWI charge in San Antonio, it's crucial to seek legal counsel immediately. An experienced DWI attorney in San Antonio can guide you through the complex legal process, help you understand your options, and advocate for your rights. Remember, a first-time DWI doesn't have to define your future. With the proper guidance and proactive action, you can navigate this challenge and return on the right track. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the potential defenses against a DWI charge in San Antonio?

In San Antonio, defenses against a DWI charge can include challenging the accuracy of breath, blood, or urine tests, arguing that evidence was obtained during an illegal search and seizure, or proving that the officer had no probable cause for the traffic stop that led to the DWI arrest. An experienced attorney in San Antonio can evaluate the specifics of your case to determine the most appropriate defense strategy.

How can a DWI attorney in San Antonio help if I'm facing charges?

A DWI attorney in San Antonio can provide crucial assistance by examining the details of your case, identifying any procedural errors or violations of your rights, and developing a defense strategy. They can negotiate with prosecutors to potentially reduce charges, represent you in court, and guide you through the legal system to protect your rights and minimize the impact of the charges on your life.

Is it possible to have a DWI charge dismissed in San Antonio?

Yes, it is possible to have a DWI charge dismissed in San Antonio. Dismissals can occur for various reasons, such as lack of probable cause for the traffic stop, errors in sobriety testing, or constitutional rights violations. A skilled attorney can challenge the evidence against you and work towards a dismissal or reduction of charges.

Why should I choose The Locke Law Group for my DWI defense in San Antonio?

Choosing The Locke Law Group for your DWI defense in San Antonio means you'll have access to attorneys who are familiar with local laws and court systems. They understand the complexities of DWI cases and are dedicated to defending your rights. Their experience in handling DWI cases can be instrumental in achieving the best possible outcome for your situation.

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