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Assault Defense

Assault Defense Lawyer San Antonio, TX

Have you been accused of an assault? If so, you need an assault defense attorney who understands how to defend you against these accusations in San Antonio, TX. There is a wide range of possibilities regarding what such an assault accusation can mean. You need an assault defense attorney who can defend you against every variety of assault accusation. Shannon W. Locke uses his experience as a former prosecutor and as a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney to get you the best possible result. He will examine police reports, witness statements, and videos to look for the best possible angle to defend your case. If you are looking to defend yourself against an assault accusation in San Antonio, TX contact us and set up a free strategy session today.

A Wide Range Of Consequences

In Texas, an assault accusation means different things and carries different consequences.  These consequences range from a fine to potential lifetime registration as a sex offender. The seriousness of an assault depends on the type of harm alleged. A Class C assault (the least serious traffic ticket level assault ) can be as harmless as an offensive touching. For example, grabbing someone’s nose could be considered a Class C misdemeanor. Many times, when you get arrested for an assault you are given also given a Temporary Protective Order. However, if bodily injury is caused the assault is more serious. Causing any sort of pain fits the definition of bodily injury. Even without visible marks, such as a black eye or bruising, the police can still find bodily injury if the victim claims physical pain. If bodily injury is present, then the police will accuse you of a Class A misdemeanor which will result in an arrest.

If the accused assaults someone who is a member of their household, or with whom they are in a dating relationship, then domestic violence will be alleged. Domestic violence can also include anyone who is a family member, household member, or romantic partner of the accused. When Domestic Violence is alleged the State will seek an “Affirmative Finding of Family Violence” if the accused takes a plea or is put of deferred adjudication or probation.

Felony Assault Allegations

Assault accusations can also be felonies. There are a number of ways an assault case can be classified as a felony. They include, a second domestic violence accusation, an Assault by Choking or Strangulation, or the Assault of a Police Officer. Sexual assault can include any unwanted penetration. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon is a felony assault and occurs when a deadly weapon is used in a means consistent with causing death or serious bodily injury. There is also the charge of aggravated assault and serious bodily injury. Serious bodily injury is defined as an injury that results in some loss or impairment of bodily function. A scar, a broken leg, a broken nose and a shattered eye socket can all be considered serious bodily injury. To find out more about felony assault allegations and how we defend against them read our recent blog post, Texas Felony Assault Accusations.


At The Locke Law Group we have resolved hundreds of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assaults and Felony Assaults. Our clients’ cases have been dismissed or they have been acquitted of the charges brought against them. We have negotiated hundreds of plea bargains favorable to our clients. Being accused of any crime of violence has the potential to ruin your life. However, it does not have to change the rest of your life. Hiring a lawyer who understands your goals gives you the best chance at a favorable outcome. We know how to handle these kinds of accusations, and we will focus your representation on getting you the best possible result.

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