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The Most Important DWI Deadline No One Talks About

After getting arrested for a DWI it is normal to ignore this important DWI deadline. Many people believe they can wait until their court date to hire a lawyer. Unfortunately, there is a DWI deadline that might pass before you ever go to court or speak to your court appointed lawyer. After a DWI arrest you are usually flooded with information that is brand new to you. You are given a court date, sometimes you are given a court appointed lawyer, sometimes you worry about when you will get your blood alcohol analysis and what the result will be. However, the most important deadline is one that most people do not talk about. This DWI deadline is the fourteen (14) day deadline to save your driver’s license.

Once you’ve been arrested for a DWI you only have 14 days to request a hearing, called an ALR (Administrative License Revocation) hearing, to save your license. Many people believe that they can request their own ALR hearing. However, the Texas Department of Public Safety requires very specific information before they will accept your request. Additionally, the State of Texas has lawyers who are hired to do ALR hearings all day every day. They know how to win these hearings without calling any witnesses leaving you with a suspended license.

The good news is that the award winning board certified lawyers at The Locke Law Group have a great deal of experience handling ALR hearings. We know how to give DPS the proper information so that they can schedule your ALR hearing. We have handled hundreds of ALR hearings, and we know how to win them. Additionally, we use the ALR hearings to cross examine the police officer and lock them into testimony that we can later use at trial.

If you’ve been arrested for a DWI it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Hire a lawyer who can lead you through the chaos of the new world in which you find yourself. We can help you save your license and get your case dismissed. Give us a call at (210) 361-3113today!