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What Can I Expect To Happen In The First 24 Hours After An Arrest?

When you are arrested you will be taken to the magistrate. The magistrate or the judge will explain to you what you are being arrested for. He or she will then most likely give you a bond. It is important if you expect to get arrested, you have someone on the outside who is ready to make that bond. A bond is how much somebody is willing to bet that you are going to appear for court. For instance, if you have a $5,000 bond and your mom, wife, husband, brother or sister signs on that bond, they are betting $5,000 that you will appear in court. If you don’t appear, the bondsman is able to go after your loved one for that amount of money. Getting a bond and finding a bondsman are the first two steps after being arrested.

What Can I Expect When I Contact Your Office For An Initial Consultation?

When you contact our office you will never get a recording. You will always get a live person. If you call during business hours our receptionist will answer the phone. If you call after hours, it will be our answering service. Those messages are then put directly through to our cell phones. You should get a call back in 15 to 30 minutes, especially if you tell us that you have been arrested or that you have an immediate criminal issue. From there, we will gather the facts from you or from whoever is calling, and we can advise what needs to be done next.

What If I Want To Meet With You Personally Before Deciding Whether To Hire You Or Not?

Before a client decides to hire me, I try to meet in person. In my opinion, the most important factor in a criminal defense case is not how much how much somebody can pay. It’s whether the person being accused of the crime likes and trusts the attorney. If someone tells me they don’t feel comfortable or that they don’t trust me then I don’t want them to hire me. It’s not going to be a successful representation. I want to make sure that whoever is hiring me feels absolutely confident in my abilities and that they can tell me anything in the world. It is important my client knows, I will not judge them. I give advice. I will tell them what the risks are and I will present their options all without judgment.

How Often Should I Expect To Meet With You During My Criminal Case?

There is no specific number of meetings for a criminal case. I give just about everybody that hires me my cell phone number. Since every client is different, what I really want is for the person to call me when they feel it is necessary. There are times when I will absolutely have to meet with you and we will make those appointments, but the important thing is I never count the number of appointments on anybody’s case. If you want to meet with me, whenever you want to meet with me, I will make time to do so. Everybody needs to be counseled in a different manner and for that reason, usually people meet with me three or four times, but there is no limit.

Will Anyone Else be Working On My Case If I Decide To Hire Your Firm?

We are big believers that the more sets of eyes on a case, the better, so there will be other members of our firm working on your case. Lawyers can get into a bubble and only hear what other lawyers are saying. If all you do is talk to lawyers all day, then you could have a problem. We look at things very differently than most other people. For example, if you are taking a case to trial and all you’ve done is talk to lawyers about the case, then you are going to have a problem correctly assessing how serious the situation is because jurors will look at it differently. That is why, in our office we, of course, have lawyers who look at the file but we also have our receptionist and our file clerks review the information and evidence as well. For example, in a DWI arrest we might ask our staff to watch the video and tells us if they think this person looks drunk based on what they see but not knowing the person’s blood alcohol content. You don’t have to be a lawyer to get that answer, but non-lawyers such as staff members can give us valuable insights. They can have opinions that we can use later in our representation.

How Many Criminal Cases Do You Take On Each Year Or At One Time?

We have limits as to the number of cases that we can take. We have an associate who also works on criminal law cases, so we are able to take a larger number. There are two ways of categorizing the cases and how many we will take. The first is based on the seriousness of the charge; the more serious the offense the fewer number of those cases we take. Secondly, we see if the case is going to go to trial or if it’s going to end in a plea. We can take more plea cases or sentencing cases where people are looking for mitigation versus taking a lot of cases that will go to trial. We really try to regulate our cases and make sure that we don’t take too many on at one time so we can always give everyone the individual attention that they deserve.

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