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No-Contact Order In Bexar County?

In Bexar County, a “No-Contact Order” is put in place when someone is arrested in San Antonio, Texas, for a criminal allegation involving a victim or a complaining witness. No Contact Orders are put in place almost automatically. These orders are called conditions of bond and these conditions can keep you from traveling, keep you from contacting your loved ones and even keep you from returning home. Sometimes, people accused of domestic violence are also served with protective orders. If you have been served with a protective order, you should follow this link to find out what you should do next. So, how can you change a Bexar County No Contact Order? This blog post will help explain how.

What are Conditions of Bond?

Conditions of bond are extremely important, and lead to the biggest mistakes people make when they get arrested. When someone is arrested in Bexar County, before they are released, they are given conditions. Following these conditions allows them to stay free and stay on bond. So, t is important that they follow their conditions. If they break the rules, a warrant for their arrest can be issued. Usually, the warrant is issued and the accused is ordered to be held without a bond (RWOB). One of the conditions of bond is frequently that the accused is ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim or complainant. The no-contact order can be extended to the person’s family, loved ones, and children. In the worst-case scenario, the accused can be prohibited from contacting their spouse and their own children. Sometimes, they are prohibited from returning home. These bond conditions can also prohibit someone from traveling outside of Bexar County. This means that sometimes people can’t go home or travel to stay with family members. However, hiring an aggressive criminal defense attorney can solve many of these problems.

How do you Change Conditions of Bond?

When someone is on bond they can change the conditions of bond by filing motions with the Court. The motion will typically contain reasons for changing the conditions of bond. This may, or may not include an affidavit in support of these changes by the complaining witness. Many times, the people who are being “protected” by the no contact order do not want the no-contact order in place. If that is the case, your attorney can talk to the alleged victims and have them sign a statement or an affidavit. The no contact order can be replaced with a “No Harmful or Injurious Contact Order”. We have represented hundreds of people with Bexar County No Contact Orders. If you have a Bexar County No Contact Order give us a call and we will do what we can to get you back to your family as soon as possible.