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I’m On Bexar County House Arrest Should I Cut Off My Ankle Monitor?

If you’re on Bexar County House Arrest you’d be an Idiot to Cut off your monitor! Right?

Everyone who is on Bexar County house arrest thinks about cutting off their monitor. After a couple of weeks of house arrest, even the most law-abiding citizen would start considering cutting off their ankle monitor. Of course, you shouldn’t do it. The purpose of this blog post is to inform you how your lawyer can help you survive on house arrest.

Why am I on House Arrest?

If you are reading this article you are probably on house arrest and reporting to a Bexar County Pre-Trial Services Officer. Some people call it GPS or being on an ankle monitor. Regardless, it is a device often worn on the ankle that keeps track of where the location of the person wearing it. One of Bexar County’s responses to the pandemic has been to lower bonds and let more and more people accused of crime out of jail. This response has led judges to balance this out by putting more and more people on house arrest. This is especially true in Domestic Violence cases. A consequence of the pandemic is that criminal cases are taking longer and longer to resolve. This means that you need to figure out how to survive on house arrest, and if you cut off your monitor you will go to jail and stay there until your case is over. But you know that. What you want to do is what you should do about being on house arrest.

Why do I have to be on House Arrest?

Usually, people are on house arrest when they have conditions of bond that need to be monitored by the court. The reality is that most people on Bexar County house arrest have no criminal record and are presumed innocent. Putting someone on house arrest gives the State tremendous leverage. People with court-appointed lawyers who cannot be bothered Many of them are accused of domestic violence offenses and having complaining witnesses (or victims) that no longer want to press charges. Being on house arrest can cause serious problems for anyone who has to make a living or go about the business of their daily lives.

How Can A Criminal Defense Attorney Help with House Arrest?

If you are on house arrest out of Bexar County or San Antonio a criminal defense attorney can help you in that situation. We have helped hundreds of our clients survive house arrest. We have done this by filing motions to modify conditions of pre-trial release. Many times we can file a motion or negotiate with the State to get our client off of house arrest. If we cannot get the ankle monitor off we can modify your conditions so that you can go to work, support your family, and live your life while you wait for your case to be resolved. You don’t have to live with the frustration of house arrest. Give us a call today!